WHAT IS ThetaHealing®?

TThetaHealing® is a meditational process that works with a theta state of the human brain to achieve physical, mental and spiritual healing.  

ThetaHealing® is a technique that works with your mind, body, and spirit and allows to clear limiting believes and negative emotions. In many cases, you do not recognize many of the hidden strings that control your life and you often wonder and look for answers. By using the method we can discover the self-sabotaging patterns, we can reach the sub-conscious mind and we can understand how you are wired. The most beautiful thing about this modality is that it gives you the power to change the programs that you do not like and replace them with new positive believes and feelings, to create THE LIFE OF YOUR DREAMS.






















Weight loss


and many more…..    

HOW DOES ThetaHealing® WORKS?

We are solely responsible for our lives, as we are the ones creating our realities. We can re-wire our subconscious mind with new positive programs and influence 90% of our actions and emotions. Did you know that our consciousness is responsible only for 10 % of the actions in our lives and all the other 90% is our subconscious!

Theta healing method has 3 main steps that are used throughout the session:

  • Muscle-testing (derived from Kinesiology) used to identify core believes in our subconscious mind and after the healing is complete again muscle-testing is used to confirm the blocks have been released.
  • Body scanning (energy scan) is an intuitive reading of your physical body and your energetic centers, any blocks can be recognized and also future issues can be predicted.
  • Changing DNA at the quantum energy level, releasing old programs and installing new empowering beliefs and feelings

The practitioner is not the healer, the healing is done by Universe intelligence, Creator or God (you can name as it suits you, no religious restrictions, and no limits on the used reference), and so the practitioner is only the channel and the messenger for your healing.


ThetaHealing® one-to-one sessions are limitless, you can work on any problem and area that you wish. The sessions are done in person, via Skype, Viber or other online apps. 

How to prepare for a session:

  1. Believe, Be curious, Enjoy.
  2. Hydrate – the day before start drinking plenty of water min 3L/day (if you can stay away of addictions a day before the session will benefit your healing).
  3. Prepare one topic that you want to work on for the session.
  4. Give yourselves 5 min before the session – Sit down, close your eyes, deep breaths and center yourselves in your big heart. 

During session

  1. The session will start with a discussion and identifying the topic
  2. Followed by 2-3 min guided meditation – sit, relax, close your eyes
  3. Further discussion involving short question around a particular problem
  4. Muscle-testing to confirm the bottom believes
  5. Miracle work – removing the old, unhealthy blocks and feelings and reprogramming your subconscious with new beneficial believes and positive emotions
  6. Final muscle- test to confirm the work
  7. Set actions, goals – THE PLAN!



Be honest – It will only take longer for you to see results if you are lying to yourself

2. DO YOUR PART – To achieve results, to show the universe that you are ready for the change, that you have learned the lesson and you want to move forward, it is very important TO DO the ACTION/s that we will set at the end of the session, if you really want to see results.

Everything is in your hands, so act on it!

Change Your Life NOW.

You have the birthright to be happy, healthy and wealthy.

Work with me

ThetaHealing Packages

The packages are based on only energy healing using ThetaHealing.

⭐ Single session – £150  (60 min)

⭐ The Awakening pack – 5 sessions (60min each) – £550

It is suitable for people who have not worked with energy healing therapies before. This package imurses you in the meaning of your existence. Working through your main blocks in your current life to release old beliefs and patterns and empower you with new beliefs and feelings. 

⭐ The REAL You – 10 sessions (60min each) -£999

This is a transformational package where we dive in your subconscious mind to stipple layers and bring out your uniqueness. By healing old wounds, negative genetic beliefs and patterns, realsingtraums and emotions, you will shift your life from the old to the new. The amazing thing is that you decide what is your new you and whatever you decide you feel aligned with yourself.

Book your taster session today via phone, Skype or Viber, to learn how I can help you.