Personalised meditation – £19

By completing an application with telling me more details about you, I will record an individual meditation for you. The meditation is energy clearing on some of the blocks and beliefs that i have identified based on your application and downloading you new empowering beliefs and emotions that will help you heal the issue by regularly listening to the meditation. 

Group meditation – £29/monthly

You have the opportunity to join our vibrant community where we meditate together every week. Working in a group raises the energy levels and the shifts are powerful and joyful as we support each other and everyone contributes to the pool of energy that is created for that meditation. 

I have created the group to support my community with sharing my gifts and holding space for all. Every week we meet in closed Facebook group where we have specific topics, i share some valuable knowledge around the topic and take the group into 15-20min meditation, after which you can receive a guidance from your angel by drawing a card, ask what crystal will be suitable for you right now, or just use my channel to get your best answer.

Book your taster session today via phone, Skype or Viber, to learn how I can help you.