It is all about BALANCE

It is all about BALANCE

I am a HUMAN BEING! It is all about BALANCEI am a HUMAN BEING! Today I have an interesting topic for you! I was guided to share with you my thoughts today, as they appear to be very deep and profound findings 😛 People often think, when you are healer, coach or perform...

You deserve it


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What They Say

I enjoyed my session with Steli enormously! She is very intuitive and doesn’t need much explanation. I felt peaceful, positive and relaxed after the session. Steli also surprised me pleasantly with some valuable information about my deceased parents – this was priceless! Thank you, lovely girl! 💖

Stela is your perfect guide to achieving truly balanced life! Stela knows how to get to the bottom of your soul where your true problem lies. Highly recommend her to heal you blockages and start living your new life as your true self. 
Thank you and I hope to keep on working together!

I would like to recommend Stela, she is a wonderful professional and friend of mine 
I strongly suggest you use her knowledge and power as she is unique healer and she can help with any issue you have.

I had a session with Stella last week.
in one hour time, I found out more about me than in 45 years of my life.
A top professional would highly recommend to anyone who goes through a period of uncertainty.

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