It is all about BALANCE


Today I have an interesting topic for you!

I was guided to share with you my thoughts today, as they appear to be very deep and profound findings 😛

People often think, when you are healer, coach or perform any kind of life transformation technique and help others to improve/change, you are not “normal”, you do not have issues and you are not allowed to complain!

Well, we are just HUMANS!

I will be honest with you and I am telling you, I have problems, I do mistakes and I learn, I am not perfect!

Yesterday I was in the LOW!
* I had a confusing, busy day! However, survived … a few times during the day I caught myself realizing that:
* complaining DOES NOT help
* staying in victim position is harder than actually getting on with the thing that puts you there!

Today I am on the HIGH…
* It is a good day, I have a lot of energy, things I lost a few days ago are coming back to me, I have time for everything, I am happy with life, I am smiling … everything is perfect! … until it got high and it hit me!
* Ending the day with feeling overwhelmed and dizzy because I did so much and went through so many emotions. Going through so many emotions even positive is not easy on our bodies!

The realization/The truth – it is all about BALANCE!

So, I have been- one day LOW, one day HIGH. Well, I do not like the low and I do not like the HIGH!
* The low – gives me unsatisfied feeling and negative emotions
* The high – give me overwhelm and stress

All because our bodies are created to have balance!
Having low days means that sometimes is not right, either down of your genetic programming or perhaps you an ancestral line or your childhood…. stopping here on that but there is so much to it …
After a low day, it comes the high day… well obviously because our body and mind are looking for the balance, so if you were down now you need to go up to try to balance it.

However, we as humans get very tired by playing between low and high and very often get stuck in the low and that is where the addictions are created- coping mechanisms!

Well if you want to know how to do get out, then slow down and look into your true values!

All this can change and it must change, so we really feel fulfillment – happiness, health and wealth!

Love & Blessings
Stilyana Stefanova